Bee Removal

Bees are known for the vital role they play in the pollination of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. They are essential for the transfer of pollen grains, and therefore in the production of food.

a honeybee near flowers


Apart from being an important part of the ecosystem, bees also present some serious health threats, and can cause property damage:

  • The effects of being stung by a bee can range from slight discomfort to fatal allergic reactions such as anaphylactic shock.
  • Some people may even get infections due to a bee sting.
  • Bees can cause damage to the structure of your home. Even an ordinary honeybee is enough to cause damage.
  • The expansion of beehives, honey, melted wax, and waste products stain the walls of a house. These stains can even attract rodents as wel l.

To safely remove any bees from your property, you should not take any chances. Just one single beehive can have up to 40,000 bees inside of it! If you find any beehives around your home or garden, it is always better to treat this pest problem with the help of professional pest control and bee removal service like Quest Pest Control.

Bee Removal Tips

Here are a few tips you can do on your own for bee removal, but make sure you always wear protective clothing while performing any of these methods:

  • Spray some garlic spray around your home. To make garlic spray just mix water with a few cloves of garlic.
  • Try some peppermint spray around your home and garden as well. This will help stop honeybees from entering your home.
  • Cinnamon also works as a great bee repellent. You can use it in the same way as peppermint in the above method.

However, in most cases, it is not a good idea to risk your health by trying to remove bees yourself. Having a professional bee removal expert is always the safer and more effective way to go.

swarm of bees

A swarm of bees in their nest

Bee Control Services

You can find all of your bee removal needs with the professional pest control services at Quest Pest Control, located in Suffolk County, New York.

Our trained professionals will use the best method to remove any beehives around your home. Here are some services that we offer to keep you safe from bees:

  • Our trained professionals install special nets around the area of a beehive. Afterwards they use standard methods such as producing smoke to draw the bees out of their hive. Once they are all out of their colony these nets work to trap them.
  • Any beehives inside walls are removed by our trained professionals using a vacuum to pull them out. Then the openings are sealed with specialized chemicals.
  • Another method of bee removal is the use of safe, environment-friendly chemicals. Our trained experts spray some chemicals on the beehives to get the bees out, then safely trap them in specialized nets, and remove them from your property.
bee on flower covered in pollen

A bee covered in pollen

We can’t stress enough the dangers of having a beehive around your home. Not only the health threats they pose, but property damage they can cause as well.

Contact Quest Pest Control for all of your bee removal needs. The most effective and safest bee control experts in Suffolk County, NY. Our expert staff is only a phone call away!

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