Bird Removal

Birds making a nest in a home and settling in is a world-wide problem. Once they are in your home it can be difficult to get them out. Bird removal should always be conducted by a professional who can safely remove the birds and their nests from your home.

Small birds like sparrows, pigeons, and starlings are some of the most common birds often found entering houses and making themselves at home. Most birds do this because they are looking for warmth and shelter. Also, they could be looking for a place to nest in order to lay their eggs.

However, it could become a problem for people as birds leave their droppings all around. They could potentially carry various diseases and parasites making our living area extremely unhygienic to live in. Apart from the unhygienic conditions that are created, bird nests also invite other pests such as ticks.

Quest Pest Control promises expert bird removal services. Our professionals are trained to deal with all types of birds and structures.


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Bird Removal Services

It’s obvious that the presence of birds can put the health of residents at risk. This could happen from inhaling bird excreta and the fungus that could grow from it. Illness can also be transferred from direct contact with their excreta as well. Some of the methods Quest Pest Control professionals use to remove birds from your home include:

  • Trapping

The technique of trapping can be used in structures that these birds enter. This method is suitable for most outdoor settings where most birds are attracted to. Also, this is the most humane way of removing birds from an area in order to safely relocate them.


  • Exclusion

Exclusion is more of a prevention technique than removal. This ensures that birds don’t land on your roof or the side of your house. These consist of products are called anti-roosting items, and they facilitate in preventing birds from landing on ledges, beams, chimneys, and pipes. Some anti-roosting products include:

  • Liquid Bird Repellent: A non-toxic chemical that can be sprayed or brushed on an area. It’s a sticky, tar-like substance that will make birds uncomfortable to stand on.
  • Ultra Sonic Repeller Device: This emits a quiet ultra sonic sound that will be annoying to birds. It is great for small areas such as, balconies, porches, and patios.
  • Stainless Steel Bird Spikes: These can be bolted onto ledges and prevent birds from being able to land on the surface. These are most common on commercial business store fronts.

These deterrents are customized according to the needs of the customer, and their type of home.


  • Nest Removal for Birds

Another alternative in such cases is removing the bird’s nest. The nest is removed from isolated crevices and cracks around the home. This can also prevent the entry of bird mites. We also apply germicides on the spot to kill any mites and parasites that may have come with the nest.



A sparrow building a nest


Preventive Measures to Keep Birds Away

Bird and nest removal should always be done by an expert, but there are some preventative measures you can take to avoid any problems with birds in the first place:

  • Remove any scraps of foodBirds are always looking for food scraps, and these often attract them to your house. Make sure that you don’t have any food leftovers lying around your house.
  • Install vent coversVents are common entrance points for birds. You can simply install a vent cover to stop birds from entering.
  • Use visual repellentsBirds can be repelled by using visual tools such as hawks, eagles or owls. They don’t understand the difference between plastic and real predators, so they can be scared away by these. Reflective diverters for birds are also available. However, these are short-term solutions, and may not last long.


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Contact Quest Pest Control for Expert Bird Removal Services

If prevention doesn’t work out for you, contact us for our services. We are always available to answer any and all of your concerns at Quest Pest Control. No pest problem is too big or too small for our professionally trained experts. Our methods are extremely effective and affordable as well.

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