Possum Control

Possums are small marsupial mammals found throughout the North American continent. Originating in South America over time they slowly made their way up north. Due to their biological diversity, diet, and adaptability, possums can be found in almost any area of the Western Hemisphere.


Possum in tree



Your Introduction to Possums

The following are some quick facts about possums you should know:

  • Color: White or gray.
  • Shape: Up to 40 inches in length, about the size of a house cat. They have a long, pointed face with round, hairless ears, and a rat-like tail.
  • Diet: Possums are omnivores that generally feed on fruits and insects. They also tend to devour through garbage for leftover food items.
  • Habitat: You’ll find them in structures like hollows and cavities inside of trees. They also nest in holes and burrows in the ground. They usually prefer damp and wet environments.
  • Traits: Even though they mostly travel by land, they are also skilled swimmers and can use their opposable rear thumbs and long tails to climb.


Threats Posed by Possums

For the most part, possums are harmless to humans. However, they can cause some problems to us and our property in the following ways:

  • In their search for a place to nest, they will sometimes make their way into homes and garages. They will tear through ductwork and insulation to reach the interior of a household.
  • Once they enter an area of the house, they will mark their territory with their urine. Eventually, the urine will give off a smelly, pungent smell.
  • When they are looking for food, they can cause damage to lawns and gardens.
  • They can carry a range of diseases such as tularemia and tuberculosis.
  • Their feces contain harmful bacteria to humans.
  • If threatened, they are known to play dead which might make you think that they have rabies.


What Can You Do To Keep Possums Away?

The following steps can be taken to help prevent possums from entering your home:

  • Store trash and any food waste in sealed containers with animal-proof lids.
  • Pet food dishes should be brought inside at night to avoid attracting possums.
  • Food sources like berries should be removed or at least blocked off with netting.
  • Tree branches that extend to the roof of your house should be trimmed.
  • Inspect for any holes or openings acting as access points for possums to get into your home.


Possum in garden

A possum in the garden


What Quest Pest’s Possum Control Services Can Do For You!

Once you determine that you indeed have possums invading your home or property, turn to Quest Pest Control to make your household possum-free.

The following methods are conducted by our professionally trained experts to remove possums from your residence:

  • Quest Pest Control has an exclusive range of outdoor electronic repellant devices. Our special motion sensor sprinkler will keep possums away from your lawns and gardens.
  • Our spray away sprinkler is installed in your garden or pathways and works on an infrared technology that can detect a possum up to 40 feet.
  • Even though possums are excellent climbers, we make sure that the fencing made by us makes climbing a challenge for them. Depending on the type house, we install sufficiently high fencing.
  • Our staff makes sure that all possible entry points where a possum could enter are closed off with steel mesh wire.  
  • In worse conditions, we carry out live possum trapping. Quest Pest Control has expertise in trapping possums, and have designed an innovative trap with bait which is extremely accurate.
  • Our technicians will install a nesting box in the ideal location. The cage trap is then checked daily until the possums have been caught and removed.


Why Quest Pest Control?

Quest Pest Control tackles any pest problem with a thorough assessment of the situation and will apply an exclusive treatment to your particular issue. Our licensed, trained technicians are well versed with the job, and the utmost care is taken to prevent possums from being a problem again.

Stay safe and trust Quest Pest Control to deal with your possum problems!

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