Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are nocturnal mammals found throughout the entire Unites States, but are more abundant in the eastern part of the country. No matter where you live, raccoons are infamous for the rabies they carry, and the garbage that they scavenge through leaving a mess behind them.


Raccoon Removal


Get To Know Raccoons!

  • Appearance: Raccoons have a salt and pepper colored fur body, and are best known for their bandit-like mask of black fur around their eyes. Their average length is about 2–3 feet with stocky bodies weighing anywhere between 8–20 pounds. Also, they have big fuzzy tails with black rings around them. They are often related to bears and pandas, but they belong to their own family called Procynoidea.
  • Habitat: Raccoons prefer heavily wooded areas with easy access to trees, vegetation, food, and water. They make their dens in the hollows of trees and abandoned burrows. In their search for a warm, dry place to make themselves at home they could make their way into attics and crawlspaces in people’s homes.
  • Behavior: Even though they are mostly nocturnal, raccoons have been known to be active during the day on rare occasions. They spend most of their time searching for food, places to sleep, and depending on the time of the year, mating partners.


Why Raccoons Are Deemed As Pests

Despite their cuteness, raccoons are pests in the truest sense. They are responsible for spreading diseases, and they can cause physical damage to your home and property.

  • Raccoons are most notorious for carrying and spreading rabies.
  • Besides rabies they carry a list of other diseases including raccoon roundworm, and intestinal parasites caused by their droppings.
  • They are known to cause damage to homes in trying to gain access for a warm and dry denning space.
  • Raccoons are also infamous for raiding unsecured trash cans, stealing pet food, and damaging gardens in their search for food.


Raccoon in a tree

A raccoon in a tree


What You Can Do To Keep Raccoons Away

There are small steps you can take to keep raccoons away from your home and property.

  • Try to plant your trees and bushes at least several feet away from the your house since raccoons are not very good jumpers.
  • Secure garbage cans, and the lids. You can purchase locking lids to keep any animals away from it.
  • Pet food should never be left out in the open, and leftovers should be stored in inaccessible places.





What Quest Pest Control Raccoon Removal Services Can Do For You!

If none of your home remedies are working, and raccoons are still bothering you, turn to Quest Pest Control for effective raccoon removal. We guarantee our methods will solve any of your raccoon problems.

  • The following methods are taken up by our professional pest control experts:
  • We replace the fencing around your house with electrical fencing to protect your gardens.
  • If raccoons have already made their way into your home we will resort to a relatively modern technique of pest control raccoon removal if necessary.
  • Raccoon trapping is the first step in our treatment process. We have built cage traps which live trap them.
  • After the raccoons are trapped, and they are removed from the household, any possible entrance paths are blocked off.
  • We also have a range of repellents which are effective to keep raccoons away.
  • We have odor repellents and taste repellents made with homemade recipes. Our experts have put together strong and offensive flavors to deter a raccoon’s senses.
  • Motion-activated sprinklers can also be installed around areas with frequent raccoon activity. Raccoons hate being around water, and these sprinklers release a mist of water along with a noise when it detects any movement near it. This will be enough to scare them out of your yard.

Stay safe from raccoons by contacting Quest Pest Control, and trust us to solve your raccoon problems!

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