Effective Rat Removal in Suffolk County

As chilly months approach so are rodents such as rats coming along with it. They need a warm place to stay and your home will more than suffice.

Rats are disease-spreading rodents. They are also warm-blooded animals that need to keep their bodies warm to survive. Only death awaits them in the intense cold. So, they will do whatever it takes to find shelter during the winter season. 

We get many requests for rat removal in Suffolk County throughout the year, but especially during the fall and winter. It’s safe to say that we have an abundance of capable professionals to meet these demands. 

Their rigorous training and adherence to an effective pest control strategy have made them the most sought out pest control professionals in Suffolk County.

Rats Seeking Shelter Is an Alarming Concern

Rats prefer digging burrows in the soil, nesting in wood piles, cars, and other outdoor environments during the summer. But as temperatures get low, all these places are not able to provide them with an adequate amount of heat. This forces them to barge into homes through tiny holes in attics, roofs, and other structures.


rat scurrying in dirty place


Rats are excellent climbers and can squeeze through openings that are only the size of a human pinky finger.

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Rat Removal Methods

Many different methods are used to control rats. Sealing cracks and crevices with 100% inorganic caulk is one, but it doesn’t ensure long-term control. Inaccessible nesting spots, such as ridges along a vent, can be closed off through screening. These require a thorough inspection by a qualified pest control professional.

Our professionals place baits in locations that rats are likely to visit. Their first line of action is to use humane traps to snare the animal instead of subjecting it to a cruel death. In extreme circumstances, they use live traps to increase the speed of kill. Several other pest control protocols, such as screening and excursion, are also part of our Integrated Pest Management strategy.


An IPM strategy can make your home pest-free for the foreseeable future.

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Pest Control Solutions to Reduce Rat Populations

A rapid decline in rat populations is guaranteed with our pest control solutions. We identify the structural loopholes inside your home through a thorough inspection and devise and implement a solid pest control strategy to make your house a no-go zone for rats.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started on rat control.

Top Preventative Measures to Control Rat Populations

  • Seal cracks and crevices in sheds, walls, and other openings with 100% inorganic caulk
  • Trim trees and shrubs and remove clutter inside, and outside of the home. Remove unnecessary appliances and tidy rooms.
  • Carefully dispose of debris. Make sure that there aren’t any ripe fruit lying around in your garden.
  • Remove wood piles.
  • Reduce harborage.
  • Store foods in tightly sealed containers, including pet food, and bird seed debris.
  • Make sure that your compost heap doesn’t contain organic food waste. Rats love organic food waste.

Sometimes, it’s already too late to stop a rat infestation by yourself. If you’ve spotted rat droppings you should immediately contact a Quest Pest Control professional to prevent the development of a larger rat problem.

Rat removal in Suffolk County is in high demand. Rest assured we have the manpower, and the resources to cater to all your rat-related issues. Don’t take the risk by letting these disease-spreading vermin roam free in your home. Make sure rats don’t ruin your fall and winter months.***

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